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We do not currently have a donation date scheduled.
First Time Thrifters

First Time Thrifters

To help make your next thrifting experience even better, here are 5 tips on how to thrift like a pro! 

  1. Give yourself enough time to browse! Thrifting means saving a ton of money, but spending a little extra time. Family Tree makes it easy to find your treasures by organizing all sections into sizes! 
  2. Think ahead! When you find something you love, even if it’s out of season, grab it for that great deal! Thrifting is often about navigating what you need in the moment, and what you will need in a few months. When your size pairs up with a piece you find joy in - it was meant to be!
  3. Don’t forget to check for clothes in other departments! Women often find great pieces in the men’s area and vice versa! We love to see men get creative with adding women’s pieces to their ensembles! 
  4. Keep the sales in mind! Family Tree always has tag colors and other deals happening! Keep this in mind as you shop for deep discounts!
  5. Bring reusable bags! This is important and such a small thing you can do to help our planet! 

And when in doubt, don’t forget you can shop from the comfort of your own home and find items that are not in store online too!

Happy Thrifting!

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Theresa Hahn - November 6, 2023

I can’t seem to find my order that I paid for is there a way to track your orders online orders? Thank you

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