Family Tree Resale
is a
of the State of Illinois.

Our voucher program is registered with the District Attorney's office in accordance with The Charity Trust Act. 

Each year, we send

in annual reports

of all of the donations

we receive

and vouchers we donate.

 How to join...


  Any school or organization can

    contact us to join the program.

   It is completely free.

   There is no obligation.

   Email us at:

  Our Voucher Program

How it works...

 1. Any local school or organization can join our program at no cost.

 2. People can then donate or shop at Family Tree on behalf of their school or group. These two activities earn vouchers for the partner.

 3. We keep a tally of all donations and shopping done for each of our partners.

 4. Quarterly, we count up and send out batches of vouchers to the social workers at each of our partner schools and groups.

 5. The social workers distribute the vouchers to families in need who then come shop for free at Family Tree.

 It is a local ecosystem that works to   help neighbors help neighbors!

   Since 2009 we have donated back to the local community


in Vouchers

 (and that is used in resale dollars, where prices are 75-90% below retail


Lombard D44 Student Services

 Family Tree Resale has been a valued support to Lombard District 44 families in need for over four years.  They have supplied thousands of dollars worth of $20 vouchers which our school social workers and school psychologists put directly into the hands of parents to help them meet basic needs for their children.  As we have seen the number of homeless and at-risk families grow over the years, we rely on the partnership of Family Tree Resale. 

~M. Niespo D44 Special Services


Glen Ellyn D89 Superintendent

I have witnessed first-hand the merits of the Family Tree Resale Shop with our most at-risk student populations. These efforts are coordinated through the district’s social workers and parent-teacher council outreach efforts. Whether the voucher program is valued for clothing or household items, these basic and human needs are the lifeline to family success in our community.

~John S. Perdue, Ed.D.

Superintendent District 89


Glen Ellyn Social Workers

Family Tree has participated in a voucher program with our district for six years now and it has been extremely beneficial and valuable to our families.  Family Tree is so generous with us and has helped to provide clothing and other household items to so many of our families. 

~ E. Walsh, LSW, MSW

Park View School Social Worker


I am writing this letter in support of the strong and beneficial partnership that District 41 has with Family Tree Resale Shop.  The Voucher program has been invaluable to so many of our students and their families in assisting them with providing for their basic needs. 

~ M. Kosinski, LSW D41 Social Worker

How to access vouchers...

 We are not able to give out vouchers

 from our stores.


 To access vouchers for your family:

  1. Please go to the page for the store

  closer to you. There is a list of

  our partners on these pages.

   2. If you have school-aged children,

   reach out to your school or school

   district first if they are partnered

    with us. 

   3. Choose a partner to contact

   and set up an appointment with them.